Important Announcement from CTT Founder, Gloria Baker Feinstein

November 2016

Expressing gratitude is especially meaningful at this time of year. We are grateful to all of Change the Truth’s devoted friends, sponsors, team members, volunteers, and contributors who joined us in a journey we began ten years ago to make a positive impact in the lives of Ugandan children.

This past September, the Change the Truth board of directors made the decision to begin winding down its relationship with St. Mary Kevin Orphanage. This process will take place over the course of the next three years.

The board felt it was very important to honor the commitment we’ve made to our students, thus the three-year plan. Though we will not take on any new students for the 2017 school year and beyond, we want to continue to provide school fees to those students already in school. This way, our younger students will be able to graduate from Senior 4, an important benchmark in the Ugandan educational system.

The directors of St. Mary Kevin are aware of our plan and appreciate the enormous support that the CTT family has provided. Our student-sponsors have also received this announcement. We are sharing this news with you to underscore our appreciation and to celebrate our significant accomplishments of the past ten years.

There is so much to be proud of and to applaud and more to come in the next three years! More than 50 talented, deserving, and determined kids have been able to attend secondary school, many have graduated from vocational school or University, and so many of our kids are now standing on their own two feet. All of the children at SMK receive improved, nutritious meals, as well as medical supplies, new bedding, school supplies, art supplies, and other support that nurtures their talent for dance, computers, photography, art, and music. Before CTT, these young people could never have imagined these opportunities in their wildest dreams. CTT began small and expanded because so many kind and generous people like you simply asked how to help.

The CTT family is close-knit, and the relationships we’ve built with the SMK children and staff are deeply personal. These children in Kajjansi, Uganda literally receive love and support from around the world: donors in Portland and New Orleans, team members from KC and Amsterdam, and volunteers from Milwaukee and Montreal, just to name a few.

Three years from now, CTT will close its doors. So many young men and women, with an education under their belt, will eagerly begin to open theirs.

Thank you for helping to make this profound change possible.

With warm wishes,

Gloria Baker Feinstein
Change the Truth Founder

About Change the Truth

A civil war, disease and extreme poverty have devastated families in Uganda with broad, sweeping strokes. Approximately 2.5 million children have lost one or both of their parents and are struggling to survive. Often these children are left to fend for themselves and end up living on the streets. Sometimes they are taken in by aunts or grandmothers, most of whom have few resources themselves. The lucky ones find their way to an orphanage or boarding school.

Change the Truth is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of these children, specifically those at St. Mary Kevin Children’s Home in the small town of Kajjansi.

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