About the Founder

Gloria Baker Feinstein has been a photographer since she was a young girl growing up in Kentucky. Her parents were active in community and philanthropic work, setting the stage for Gloria’s desire to help those in need. Photography and service converged for her when she began making images for several not-for-profit organizations in Kansas City, where she has lived since 1980.

Eager to expand her work to an international level, Gloria, primarily a portrait and fine art shooter, traveled to east Africa in 2006 as a participant in a photography workshop. It was in Uganda that Gloria met the 180 children who live at St. Mary Kevin Children’s Home. These children, who desperately needed assistance, stole her heart.

A few sleepless nights after her return home, Gloria decided to take action and do something to help. Within three months, she established her own not-for-profit and called it Change the Truth. Gloria settled on this name because it was part of the chorus of one of the songs the children at the orphanage had sung to her before she left:

“We cannot change the truth, we can only say ‘welcome.’”

Gloria felt that some aspects of the children’s truth really could be changed. With outside support, she believed their truth about food and education could be vastly improved … and eventually changed. So she began asking people to pitch in and help. Now, due to the dedication and compassion of people from all corners of the country, profound changes really have occurred in the lives of these orphaned children.

She continues to return to SMK annually, where she is fondly referred to as “Mama Gloria.” She spends the rest of the year working for Change the Truth, while continuing other fine art, portrait and volunteer photography projects. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, Eddie, her children, Abbie, Sam and Max and her grandchildren, Henry and Clara.

Gloria’s work can be found in many public and private collections across the country. Her published books include From the Heart (2001), Convergence (2002), Among the Ashes (2004) and Kutuuka (2009).

Her photographs can be viewed at her website www.gloriabakerfeinstein.com and on her blog www.gloriainafrica.com