Gloria has been blogging for the past eight years. She usually writes about her photography and her work in Uganda, but she also sneaks in articles about her family, her second home (Portland, Oregon) and information about other photographers.

It’s easy to find a previously covered topic. If you’d like to read about the centerpiece of the blog, Change the Truth, you can find chapters (each represents one full year) under “labels.” You may find it interesting to read about the students sponsored by Change the Truth (“Sponsored Students”), view some of the artwork made by the children (“Artwork by the Kids”), read about the volunteer team trips that go to the orphanage each December (“Uganda Chapters 1 through 8”) or the CTT fundraisers that are held each year (“Annual CTT Fundraiser”).

Melissa Mosher, CTT social worker and liaison to the orphanage also keeps a blog. Hers is chock full of good information about living in Uganda and about the children we assist there.

Hopefully these will prove to be interesting stops on your cyberspace travels and that you’ll visit regularly.