Children's Artwork

Each December, Change the Truth volunteer team members pack their duffel bags full of art supplies: acrylics, canvas, drawing paper, watercolors, markers, crayons, paint brushes, pencils and erasers. The children at the orphanage are overjoyed to receive these items and get to work right away in a makeshift “art room.”

Usually, one or two volunteers conduct art classes for the children. Often, though, the children just do their own thing. There are some extraordinarily talented young artists at the orphanage. Many show up at the art room first thing in the morning and stay until the sun has gone down… so happy to have the opportunity and the materials to express themselves.

The paintings and drawings that are made during this time are carefully packed into the now empty duffel bags and make their way to Kansas City. They are framed, put on exhibition and sold during the annual fundraising event.

The children understand that the money raised from the sale of their artwork comes back to them in the form of food, books, medicine and school fees. Not only are they thrilled to have the chance to improve their artistic skills, they feel empowered knowing they are helping themselves pave the way for their own well-being and for their own futures.

Here is a selection of some of the artwork made by the children.