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Secondary Education in Uganda is a privilege, not a right. In 2010, only 66% of students who completed Primary School were able to enroll in Secondary School. Of those students just 23% are orphans (either full orphans with no living parents or half-orphans with only one living parent who is not able to provide the most basic of needs). There is no financial assistance for students entering Secondary School. Change The Truth is dedicated to giving overlooked orphans a chance to succeed in school. A solid education is the only way around a future of digging ditches, selling bananas in the marketplace or becoming parents at an early age. It’s a life-changing opportunity.

Change The Truth has partnered exclusively with St. Mary Kevin Children’s Home to provide sponsorships for Secondary School, vocational school and University. The school environment is extremely competitive in Uganda. Students must adhere to rigorous class schedules, long hours of study and frequent examinations. Only 30% of those who begin Secondary School complete the six years required for graduation. Change the Truth offers constant support, encouragement and the necessary textbooks and supplies so that the sponsored students have a better chance of meeting the grueling academic demands placed upon them.

With every Change The Truth sponsorship, Secondary students receive financial assistance with school tuition, boarding school fees (which provides lodging and food at school during the school term), school supplies, uniforms and shoes, textbooks and opportunities to attend class fieldwork in core subject areas. Change The Truth post-Secondary students receive financial assistance with school tuition, school supplies and specialized tools/materials to begin their craft/training.

Change The Truth encourages the formation of a relationship between sponsor and student. To that end, mid-term progress reports, personalized letters, final End of Term school reports and updated photographs are provided to donors who would like to assist a specific child.

The amount of money necessary for Change the Truth to provide academic scholarship varies depending upon the grade level of the student and the specific school attended. In general, our support includes tuition, room and board, textbooks and supplies and an allowance for personal hygiene and other items. Students attending university are encouraged to live with family or friends while Change the Truth covers only tuition and administration fees. Although we welcome financial support of any amount, if you would like to sponsor a specific child, we will work with you to determine the actual expenses for your student.