Team Trips to Uganda

Each December, a group of volunteers travels to the orphanage. Team members travel at their own expense for the opportunity to spend about two weeks with the children. The team stays near the orphanage or in a guesthouse on the grounds. It is almost always a life-changing journey for both the volunteers and the kids. Past teams have included social workers, a doctor, a psychologist, a seamstress, art educators, karate and yoga instructors, college and high school students and those who just wanted to make a difference by spending quality time with the children. Some of the team members are experienced travelers; others have never before ventured far from their hometowns. Volunteers help plant gardens, paint dormitories and install mosquito netting. They sing and dance, play cards and read books. They hold hands with and give lots of hugs to children who have lost so much and have so little to call their own. The friendships established are deep and long lasting.

If you are interested in getting more information about joining a team for an upcoming trip, please contact Gloria for details.

Team 1 (2007)

Team 1

Front Row: Lonnie Powell, Jane Voorhees, Gloria Baker Feinstein, guide Peter Damba
Back Row: Carol Joseph, Lynne Melcher, Ann Thomas, Melissa Mosher

Team 2 (2008)

Team 2

Front Row: Linda Gerstel, Sarah Joyce, Bobbi Newman, Lynne Melcher, Max Feinstein
Back Row: Randy Clark, Tom Maddox, Melissa Mosher, Gloria Baker Feinstein
Not Pictured: Fred Grossman, Carol Joseph

Team 3 (2009)

Team 3

Front Row: Antwain Mosher, Eddie Feinstein, Laura Houston, Christy Radecic
Back Row: Sara Hjalmarson, Gloria Baker Feinstein, Melissa Mosher, Kaley Herman
Not Pictured: Bobbi Newman

Team 4 (2010)

Team 4

Front Row: Gloria Baker Feinstein, Avis Smith, Suzanne Garr, Bobbi Newman, Emily Collins
Back Row: David Muhammad, Jeff Mildner, Jennifer Smith

Team 5 (2011)

Team 4

Front Row: Gloria Baker Feinstein, Bobbi Newman, Avis Smith, Michelle Beasley
Middle Row: Shane Evans, Lynne Melcher, Suzanne Garr, J. Leroy Beasley
Back Row: Monique Udo, Dawn Taylor

Team 6 (2012)

Front Row: Leah Sosland, Melissa Mosher, Suzanne Garr, Natalie Boten, Holly Cobb
Back Row: Anna Cobb, Jennifer Schoenwetter, Josh Sosland

Team 7 (2013)

Front Row: Dawn Taylor, Emily Biegelsen, Leah Sosland, Sam Sosland
Middle Row: Cynthia Bittenfield, Jane Sosland, Josh Sosland, Max Sosland
Back Row: Jennifer Smith, Jeff Mildner, Melissa Mosher

Team 8 (2014)

Front Row: Dawn Taylor, Emily Biegelsen, Suzanne Garr
Middle Row: Melissa Mosher, Natalie Boten, Anna Cobb
Back Row: Gus Cobb, Wyatt Cobb, Holly Cobb, Alan Cobb

Team 9 (2015)

Left to right: Jackie Heigle, Scott Southerland, Melissa Mosher, Lynne Melcher, Rebecca Cohen