Success Stories


During Team One’s trip to Uganda in 2007, recent secondary school graduate Douglas expressed an interest in becoming a nurse. The following year, after making sure this was something Douglas really wanted and was qualified to pursue, CTT began sponsoring him at Mengo Nursing and Midwifery School in Kampala. Douglas studied hard and performed well. He auditioned for and received the opportunity to perform in a dance/drum troupe outside of school. He frequently returned to the orphanage to help teach dance and drumming to the younger children. In May 2011, Douglas obtained his nursing degree. It was a momentous occasion for him and for the friends of CTT. Douglas became our first post-secondary school graduate. With our continued assistance, he will be a paid intern at the medical clinic at the orphanage for the next 18 months (and he continues to volunteer as a dance/drum teacher). The children look up to Douglas and admire his accomplishments. They now know that, in spite of their difficult situations, with determination and hard work, they can make it… just as Douglas has.


Billy and Nelson have been CTT-sponsored secondary school students for the past several years. They graduated with good grades in December, 2010. Both boys expressed a desire to attend University. After applications and strenuous examinations, Billy and Nelson were both accepted to Makere University in Kampala. Classes began in August, 2011. Billy will study Business Administration, and Nelson will pursue a degree in Computer Science.


Ssemanda Henry has completed his vocational studies obtaining a Certificate in Electricity from Nakawa Vocational Institute in November 2012. Henry is a full orphan who has been a member of the SMK community since Primary 2. Henry was one of the first students sponsored by CTT in 2007 during his Senior 2 year in Secondary school. Henry already had an interest in electrical work. Through his sponsorship, CTT was able to provide Henry with an academic opportunity to expand his knowledge base and skill set within the electrical field, thus preparing Henry for Uganda’s competitive job market. Within only 3 months of his vocational completion, Henry now has his first job with RES (Rio Engineering Services) installing electrical services to homes and businesses. In his future, Henry wants to own his own electrical company and specialty shop for electrical supplies. Henry shared that CTT sponsorship meant security in his studies. “When I went to school, I did not have to worry about my school fees being paid. Here in Uganda that is a big problem. I never had to worry about not completing my studies.” CTT sponsorship also offered opportunity and a more secure future for Henry. “Because of CTT I have achieved skills. I now have a job. Thank you for what you have done for me. You have changed my life.”


Saka completed two years of vocational training after four years of secondary school. He graduated from Buganda Royal Institute and Technical Education with a certificate in accounting. Saka completed his post-studies internship at St. Mary Kevin in January, 2014 and then began working there as an Administrative Assistant. He is also independently pursuing further studies in accounting. CTT has sponsored Saka for all six years of school, and we are indeed proud of his accomplishments – and the fact that he is working at SMK!


Rosette attended Kajjansi Progressive Secondary School and was sponsored by CTT all four years there. She then attended the YMCA Comprehensive Institute in Kampala, and 1½ years later she received her certificate in Travel and Tourism Management.


After completing six semesters of study at Makerere University, Nelson graduated in January, 2015. During his studies, Nelson and a colleague developed the idea for a phone application that assists users in testing the level of water purification from any given a water source. Nelson was able to travel to America to present his project at two different technology competitions. He won awards both times and has continued to receive accolades for this invention. Nelson has begun his own computer technology and graphic designing company called Wiloptech Solutions. He is also contracting his services for ACTS, an American based company. On an ongoing basis, Nelson continues to market his water purification application at various technology conferences and competitions.


Billy graduated from Makerere University, after completing three years of rigorous study. He received his degree in Business Administration, the area of academics he had always wanted to pursue. Sponsored for many years by CTT, Billy has received a temporary contract as Project Manager for a company that installs large irrigation systems in northern and western Uganda.